MediaComX Ltd (Media and Communications for the Community) is a small self-publishing company registered in the United Kingdom and under British law whose purpose is to help, assist, support, advise, publish, sell and to assist any initiative, project, idea, activity, etc. relating to the publication of books in all formats (printing and digital).

As such, the company will support the author and provide him with the needed expertise from the beginning of the book conception till it will be published, via the writing, the needed researches suggestions, the layout, the modern and professional formatting, the support and any other various contacts with the press for the publicity, one the book is finally published.

Particularity, rights and duties

1. Like all companies of this kind, it is the author of the work who is the number one responsible for his work.

2. As such, he assumes all responsibility for possible crimes and slippages during the book publication procedure (plagiarism, use of images and photos without permission - of course, MediaComx Ltd will ensure to assist the author in these editing and publication procedures, policies and imperatives).

3. The author, solely responsible, is free to interrupt the work at any time and will pay the ad hoc costs.

4. The company undertakes to never reveal the progress of the work, which is the responsibility of the author, unless, for publicity purposes, an agreement is made between both sides for the company director to reveal about an ongoing project.

5. The author agrees to pay the full cost of the work upon signing the contract unless another agreement to be made by both parts. All payments will be made via the company's official account or via PayPal, with a receipt upon receiving of the transfer, as the latter must pay the ad hoc regulatory taxes.

6. If the author wishes his book to be translated into another language, either MediaComX Ltd can do this or provide alternative solutions, all at the author's expense.


1. Contacts and communications between the author and the editor will be made by email, phone, or, if possible, interpersonal.

2. Sales terms All sales will be online, but proposals will be made by mutual agreement for contacts with bookstores and other online book sales sites.

Editing procedures

• Contact between the author and MediaComx Ltd

• Presentation of the procedure

• Author's decision to work with the company

• Submission of the manuscript in digital format for reading and proposals for contract and editing schedule. 

• Proposal of the contract to the author and signature and payment for the work. 

• Proofreading of the manuscript by the author and delivery to MediaComX Ltd. 

• Proposal of the layout and formatting (size; design of the cover and interior pages, addition of images and maps, ISBN).

• Order and receipt of the first proof and correction by the author and return corrections in digital format to MediaComX Ltd and payment of the remaining fees if they were paid in small divided percentages. 

• Order and receipt of the second proof, return with signature of the "proof". 

• Receipt of the book and copies in accordance with the contract and support for advertising and sales. 

•  End of the contract. Addendum

• Any misunderstandings and disputes should first be resolved amicably, by soliciting a third party, before considering any legal action under UK law. 

• The company having friendship as its motto and avoiding any conflictual situation, its director undertakes to favour dialogue and understanding in the event of problems or disagreement, in compliance with international laws in the matter and in accordance with customary practice, publishing, printing, advertising, support and entrepreneurship and "social enterprises". 

• THE TOTAL COST OF THE WORK (reading, advice, formatting and layout, publication, posting, communication, support) amounts to (according to the number of pages – eg. £ 800 (800 Great Britain Pounds for a book at following those specifications: Product Line: Premium Paperback; Binding: Perfect Bound Paperback; Product Size: 21.59 cm x 13.97 cm; Number pages: 300/100,000 words; Interior Colour: Black & White; Paper Quality: 60 #; Cover Finish: Gloss Full Colour) to be transferred to the business account; this entitles you to 5 free copies. 

• The company will offer and explain digital publishing possibilities and other benefits, etc. Since then, we have published nearly fifty books and have provided training and various courses to many customers.